How it Works

How it works

Komacut offers a simple online ordering platform for rapid sheet metal part fabrication and prototyping. Simply upload the 3D drawings for your sheet metal parts, and our custom quotation engine will provide instant design for manufacturing feedback, and a quotation simply by entering a few simple parameters. Komacut makes the process of ordering and manufacturing custom sheet metal parts simple, fast and straightforward.

Instant Quote With Detailed Breakdown

Instant Quote with Detailed Breakdown

Upload your 3D drawings to our interactive online platform and obtain an instant quote with detailed cost information. Quickly compare sheet metal quotations at different quantities, with different materials or surface finishes, and with different tolerance requirements within seconds – no need to wait 1-2 days for a factory response on part iterations.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)Design For Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Obtain instant manufacturability feedback on your design as you customize and build your product using different parts, materials, and surface finishes from our catalogue. You will be notified of any manufacturability issues instantly and you will be able to revise and re-submit your design.
Order & Delivery

Order & Delivery

Once you are satisfied with your design, place your order online and your order will be processed immediately, and seamlessly. Continue to get real-time updates on your production order and track delivery status easily from our online platform.

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