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Fast, simple, and seamless

Komacut’s online ordering platform offers pain-free purchasing for all your sheet metal fabrication requirements. We can fulfill mid to high-volume industrial customized production orders while shrinking lead times.

We have a wide range of sheet metal materials, thicknesses and grades in stock to further shorten turnaround time.

Fully integrated smart manufacturing system

Instant quote with detailed breakdown

Upload your 3D drawings to our interactive online platform and obtain an instant quote with detailed cost information.

Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Get instant Manufacturability feedback on your parts, making it quicker and easier to iterate, testing materials and surface finishing from our catalog.

Order & delivery

Place your order online. Get real-time information of your production order and delivery status from our online platform.

Why Choose Us?

Instant Quote

Instant quote, DFM, ordering & shipment online platform


In-House Manufacturing Facilities


Top of the range machinery


Parts within specifications, on time, all the time

Mass Production

Mass Production Competitive Pricing

Technical Support

Technical support for design for manufacturing

What people say about us

"Complex parts, great price, and excellent customer service."

Frank D.

Senior Buyer

"It's amazing you can engineer any special items for us so quickly it is even faster than writing a few words on a piece of paper! Thank you for your support!"

Richard H.

Project Manager, Studio City Macau

"Best contract manufacturing in China, professional and diligent management. Feel safe and taken care bt it's CEO's experience in business and integrity. Komacut is a secured bet."

Aitor R.

Business Development Manager, Operasia