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About Komacut

Komacut is a western owned and managed company, based in China. The owners are Canadians and the company has an international team of staff members to work with our business partners from all over the world.

Yes, Komacut is a private company wholly owned by Komaspec, a turnkey contract manufacturing and assembly enterprise.

The modern world calls for international cooperation, global development and a global village. Komacut capitalizes on the opportunities presented in resource-plenty China and employs internationally-leading technologies and innovations to manage our operations. Komacut also believes that effective communication is crucial to our excellent service delivery.

Komacut is an on-demand laser cutting and CNC bending contract manufacturer serving a wide range of industries globally. Our simplified purchasing process, compressed lead times, competitive pricing, large stock of materials and wide application experience mean we are an excellent choice for customers looking for sheet metal fabrication.

The Komacut online interactive platform offers on-demand manufacturing and makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, instant manufacturability feedback, online product customization, price transparency, and purchase order monitoring. This significantly reduces the required time for initial discussions and product quotation between customer and supplier, as well as eliminating the need for lengthy back and forth on part design, DFM, etc. This results in shorter lead times and faster shipment than a traditional manufacturing system

Manufacturing in China

High-quality services and products are our key selling points, achieved through a modern execution system, highly-qualified staff members, and global partnership and cooperation. We recommend that you check out the reviews and testimonials from our customers to get further assurance.

Our quotations can be obtained instantly via the Komacut online ordering platform. Our quotations remain reliable with full price visibility as you navigate the platform and build your personalized product.

Yes, Komacut protects our clients’ Intellectual property well. As a contract manufacturer, Komacut manufactures your products in-house. Even if there is a need to source some components from subcontractors, we will only do it for the relevant parts so that the subcontractors cannot obtain a full understanding of your products and secrets.

The best way is to visit our factory in China and we will be pleased to demonstrate how we work as well as to show you the manufacturing and quality control process. We also recommend that you read the testimonials from our customers.

We believe an experienced and knowledgeable account manager can attain better sales. Therefore, Komacut always hires experienced account managers with an engineering background.

It is true that most standard components and raw materials in China are in metric. It is sometimes necessary to re-design products based on Chinese standards and metric standard.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are business referrals who came to know us through word of mouth. As our reputation in the industry grows, we are also seeing a larger number of new clients finding us on the Internet and contacting us directly. The majority of our clients are from Canada, USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Should you need any references, please contact us at and we will be pleased to provide you with a reference list upon request.

With the benefits of back office automation, our platform enables us to accept and process orders from 1 unit to 25,000 units per order, seamlessly. Our target customers typically order between 500 and 25,000 units per order.

With the benefits of back office automation, our platform enables us to accept and process orders from 1 unit to 25,000 units per order, seamlessly, from your prototype needs to your high-mix/medium-volume needs.

We keep a minimum of 80 raw material SKUs at all times. Should you require support choosing the right material for your needs, please contact our technical sales at

Payment and Shipment

Komacut accepts TT and online credit card payments on our platform.

Yes, we have both the import and export licenses to ship to any locations in or outside China.

For regular orders, the payment terms are 40% at order and 60% at sight of BL.

Yes, Komacut is able to handle your shipment for products manufactured by Komacut. We have a network of freight forwarders whom we work with for shipments to various countries.

Certifications and Quality Control

No, we are not ISO certified. However, we have a very strict quality control system and we have heavily invested in a QC platform to enable full control and real-time visibility throughout our manufacturing process.

We have a QC platform linked to our ERP. Each and every part of the components and manufacturing process is controlled and inspected at each step of fabrication. It is impossible for a part or product to pass through our fabrication system without being inspected.

Technical Information and Definitions

A contract manufacturer is a firm that manufactures finished products under the label or brand of another firm, based on the purchasing firm’s own specifications.

Deriving from the Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing is a systematic approach for the elimination of waste. It includes an assembly-line methodology oriented towards achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating waste. Ideally, during manufacturing, processes should only add value that a customer would be willing to pay for. All non-value added (NVA) process steps are seen as waste and should be eliminated.

EXW (Ex Works) and FOB (Free on Board) are pre-defined commercial terms (called Incoterm), widely used in international commercial transactions.

At Komacut, depending on customer’s specifications, we use hot rolled steel (Q235, Q275), cold rolled steel (SPCC, SAPH440), aluminum (6061, 5052, 6063) and stainless steel (304, 316, 201, 430). Visit our Materials page here for the latest material options.

For laser cutting, we can achieve linear tolerances of +/- 0.2 mm, and for holes diameter tolerances, we can achieve +/- 0.08 mm tolerances.

For CNC sheet bending, we can achieve angular tolerances of +/- 0.5 degree, and for XYZ tolerances sheet bending, we can achieve 0.3 mm tolerances.

CO2 laser cutting works by focusing a high-intensity infrared laser beam through a series of mirrors and out through a nozzle. Fibre laser cutting uses a bank of diodes to create the beam, which is then focused through a fibre-optic cable.

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