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Our Story

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Komaspec, a turnkey contract manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, Komacut was established in 2017 with an aim to fast-track new product introduction in the field of sheet metal fabrication.

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Our Vision

Traditionally, from the design to the manufacturing stage, the high-mix/medium-volume sheet metal fabrication has been an industry where scalability, technical transparency, and speed are not easily attainable by stakeholders.

To solve these fundamental problems, in 2017, Komacut embarked on a journey to develop a smart manufacturing system that would not only resolve existing challenges in the sheet metal industry, but also revolutionize the contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal and its processing system, from quote to shipment.

Made possible with our visionary and dedicated team, the KOMACUT platform was successfully developed and launched in 2021. Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for end-to-end closed loop manufacturing, the online platform effectively delivers three key benefits:

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real-time dfm feedback

Enabling instant Design for Manufacturability (DFM) input to the product designer


seamless execution

Significantly reducing lead time from quote to shipment through the use of AI and automation technologies


High visibility and transparency

We provide real-time data and monitoring capabilities through the entire process

These benefits are evident through our returning customers as we build the Komacut across the globe.

At Komacut, we believe in the constant pursuit of innovation and being at the forefront of technological advances. Heavily investing in cutting-edge and high-end machinery, Komacut is able to deliver products of only the finest quality.

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Simplify, Expedite, On Time, All the Time

Komacut ensures a personalized and satisfying experience



Advanced Technologies

advanced technologies


simplified processes

Fast Delivery

rapid solution


visibility and transparency

Through a focus on simplifying and expediting processes without compromising on quality and services, we are able to eliminate time wastage, reduce costs, and fullfil customers' requirements expeditiously.

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