Top 43 3D Printing Blogs for Learning Actionable Tips in 2018

Top 43 3D Printing Blogs for Learning Actionable Tips in 2018

Congratulations to the following list of 3D Printing blogs that made our Top 43 Award designation.


If you're looking for practical, insightful and educational 3D Printing blogs, you've come to the right

Here are the 43 best 3D Printing blogs online.

As you know, there's no shortage of high-quality 3D Printing blogs on the web.

But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, these 3D printing blogs give you the tools,
tips and techniques you need to get the most out of your experiments.


1/ 3d Printing Blog, College of Business, Illinois State University


college of business 3d printing blogOperated to support the 3d printing lab at the College of Business at Illinois State University.
This blog creates blog posts that support the context around 3d printing such as microprocessors and simple computers.
This is to realize the use of 3d printing to solve practice problems.

Visit the blog: 3D Lab


2/ 3d Printing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


3d printing, university of Wisconsin-madisonOperated as part of a unit devoted to developing research and teaching around 3d printing, this site reports back on conferences and include information on new technology and partnerships for 3d printing.
These innovations are driving 3d printing technology forward.

Visit the blog: 3D Printing


3/ Makerspace Blog for Engaged Learning


MakerspaceThis blog, operated by The Lawrence University, focuses on the educational aspect of 3d printing.
It is organized by pages and recent posts and has a social media feed from their Twitter page.
If you are looking for pedagogical application of 3d printing this would be a really useful blog.
In fact, the about me page specifies their pedagogical slant and the impact of 3d printing on creativity.

Visit the blog: Makerspace


4/ Drafting, Modeling and 3D Printing with Lydia Sloan Cline


Lydia ClineThis blog is maintained by Lydia Cline, a professor of board drafting, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and 3D printing using specifically Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer.
The blog posts focus on using those tools, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer to created architectural draftings.
Posts are embedded with videos and other helpful multimedia.

Visit the blog: Drafting, Modeling & 3D Printing


5/ JMU3SpaceClassroom


Jmu 3Space ClassroomJMU 3space classroomThis blog is actually a listing of tutorials on how to design and print with 3D printers.
Anything from maintenance to specific instructions on using the 3D printer to sharing 3D prints with the world are included.
This site has an additional blog that is not directly related to 3D printing and sources from professors and students.

Visit the blog: JMU 3SPACE Classroom


6/ 3D Printing.Com


3D printing.comThis is a blog targeted for novices that goes over the fundamentals of 3D printing.
It has a basic introduction to 3D printing and includes the best 3D printers for beginning.
The table of contents has a how-to and history of 3D printing that will answer any novice questions.

Visit the blog: 3D


7/ Shapeways Magazine


shapewaysThis is a publishing platform that includes diverse content for anyone who is a scale modeler, jewelry designer, RC car builder, artist, or engineer.
In addition, any groundbreaking developments in 3D printing are included.
They consider themselves a link between the technology and the individuals who are driving much of this technology through their creativity.
The people who run the magazine are tuned into major events such as South by Southwest and provide engaging recaps of developments that matter to individual makers.

Visit the blog: Shapeways


8/ All3DP


All3DPA place to gather tutorials and guides as well as FAQs for 3D printing and related creative processes.
Their content is organized with the most popular blog posts toward the top and a tag for each post that specifies the target audience such as 3D Printing 101 or For Consumers & Small Businesses.
You can search the blog with these classifiers to find relevant content.

Visit the blog: All3DP


9/ Star Rapid


Star RapidFocusing on the manufacturing and product development aspect of things, Star Rapid shares their expertise on product design in rapid prototyping and 3D printing.
Each blog post is dated and tagged with up to three keywords.
The experts behind the blog run a manufacturing facility to create custom parts for 3D creations.

Visit the blog: Star Rapid


10/ Metal 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing


metal 3D printingMetal 3D printing is definitely the central content of this blog.
The goal is to show and create affordable solutions for additive manufacturing and metal 3D printing.
The blog posts focus on the relevancy and importance of the technology as well as barriers that prevent adoption. Anyone interested in learning more about 3D printing should check this site out.

Visit the blog: 3deo


11/ Pinshape


pinshapeA broad overview of any and all topics in 3D printing, this blog publishes content semiregularly and organizes content in a chronological order.
Each post is a practical how-to or introduction to different frequently asked questions in 3D printing.
The community is able to write and contribute content as well as comment on the work of other makers.

Visit the blog: Pinshape




3D is a leading news resource for the additive manufacturing industry, interacting directly with the community at events and through one-on-one interviews. The site publishes approximately 50 articles weekly, focusing on interview- and news-based content. In addition to acting as a daily news source, offers 3D printing services (through an integrated Treatstock widget), online training courses (including focus on metals, polymers, and other innovations), and the largest discussion forum in 3D printing through its sister site

Visit the blog: 3D


13/ Sculpteo 3D Printing


SculpteoCovering news and trends, Sculpteo provides information on the latest technologies and tutorials as well as recommendations for the best 3D modeling software.
The content of the posts ranges from very interesting history to future applications and how 3D printing is changing the face of many industries.
Some posts focus on the services provided by Sculpteo, but many focus on the link between the community and the technology.

Visit the blog: Sculpteo


14/ MatterHackers


MatterHackers3D printing in specific industries gets attention in this blog as recent applications of 3D printing to solve problems is a central focus of the content.
Other content provides a how-to overview of very granular questions such as painting a 3D dice tower.
The company, MatterHackers, sells multiple 3D printers and filaments to offer makers the options they need.

Visit the blog: MatterHackers


15/ StrataSys


StratasysEach article comes as a PDF download that can be sorted in alphabetical or chronological order.
The PDFs cover specific case studies that show how different companies and industries solved major problems using the products they sell.
The company focuses on aerospace, medical, consumer products, energy, and transportation.

Visit the blog: Stratasys


16/ Makers Empire


Makers EmpireWith a target audience of K-8 educators, this content is intended to help realize the full potential of 3D printing with their students.
The blog focuses on how other educators have used the Makers Empire products to engage children with the possibilities of 3D printing without worrying about technical challenges or limitations.
Other teachers source content and contribute lesson plans to the broader makerspace community.

Visit the blog: Makers Empire


17/ ProtoLabs


ProtoLabsContent is organized by specific actions and features or by product such as complex parts or 3D printing.
For this company, 3D printing is a low cost, rapid prototype solution for designers and manufacturers to work on their next development.
Therefore, the content of the articles is at a technical level intended for people who are engaged in accelerated manufacturing.

Visit the blog: Protolabs


18/ fictiv/HWG


fictivTargeted specifically the design process of product development, this blog provides content for anything and everything you would need to be successful in this phase.
This includes software needs, program options, and how to maximize use of 3D modeling.
The content is created so that a novice can follow along and understand but a more advanced user still finds value in what is being said.

Visit the blog: Fictiv / HWG


19/ 3D printer improvements


3D printer improvementsA community sourced blog moderated by one person, this blog focuses on making with customized tools.
The keywords used often have larger font than those used less often.
Some blogs have videos while all of the content links both to both internal and external information.
All of the content requires a moderate understanding of specific technologies in 3D printing.

Visit the blog: 3D Printer Improvements


20/ RepRap


building 3D printersAll information posted is intended to help others who want to create a 3D printer of their own.
Sourcing the pioneers at Reprap, the blog posts cover the owner's development of their own 3D printing projects as well.
The blog is organized by date and tagged with the year and the month.
A link to the original content is included as well as how to follow this content on social media.

Visit the blog: RepRap


21/ Zheng3


ZhengRun by Jim Rodda, this blog includes free 3D printing models as well as examples of his 3D prints.
Most of the content contains enough information to troubleshoot or model these processes onto your projects as a maker.
All of the posts have pictures and links and can be retrieved by date or by comments on recent posts.

Visit the blog: Zheng3




3D file market.comThe goal of this site is to teach students how to 3D print and the files are grouped by category such as accessories, art, or hobby.
Downloads are sorted by popularity and have been guaranteed to work.
All of these options for printing need to have a picture that demonstrates the model works.
Other information posted is recent developments in 3D printing and work by their designers.

Visit the blog: 3D File


23/ Design Make Teach


Desgin Make TeachRanging from tips, techniques, tutorials and lessons, this blog covers a range of content interesting to educational makerspaces.
Associated with the blog are 3D models, a starterkit for making, and relevant presentations and projects.

Visit the blog: Design Make Teach


24/ FisherUnitech


fisher unitechBlog focusing specifically on the tools and product developments from FisherUnitech, this blog highlights company developments, new releases, and related professional development.
Occasionally, customers are highlighted with practical applications of the products and materials supplied by FisherUnitech.

Visit the blog: FisherUnitech


25/ FormLabs


form labsMost of the content specified here goes over the physics and engineering behind 3D printing.
Layed out nicely with formatting, headers, and information.
This blog is a breath of fresh air that focuses on the complexities of each decision and how complex it is to choose exactly what is needed in 3D manufacture.

Visit the blog: Formlabs


26/ Rize


rizeRize is an additive manufacturing company focuses on innovative products in 3D printing.
The products offered are complex and groundbreaking.
The blog reviews updates of these products, features of Rize, and how innovators in industry are using these products to transform the world.
Every month, the feature a specific part of their product that is innovative.

Visit the blog: Rize

27/ i.materialise


imaterialiseCatch up on the best in new 3D designs, the newest technologies, and the best software tutorials at this blog.
There are over ten categories with the most being in 3D printing and news.
The blog posts are order chronologically if you do not search by category.
Each blog has fantastic pictures and related links.

Visit the blog: i.materialise


28/ PrusaPrinters


prusa printersAll content published relates to the use of PrusaPrinters in the development of 3D models.
The articles are relevant for novice to moderate makers.
The articles are organized by date and also include a picture and name of the author right next to the blog post.

Visit the blog: Prusa Printers


29/ MakePrintable


make printableFocused on necessary repairs for 3D printing, much of the content targets on this.
However, there are also helpful posts for beginners getting used to 3D printing.
Unlike some other blogs, this is focused exclusively on 3D content.

Visit the blog: MakePrintable


30/ Tom's 3D


tom's 3DTutorials and tips that focus on various aspects of 3D printing and what everyone should know about them.
Occasionally, the blog updates on live stories and releases in the 3D printing world.

Visit the blog: Tom's 3D


31/ Leapfrog 3D Printers


leap frogCovering content ranging from introduction how-tos to events and conferences, this blog has reviews, testimonials, updates, news, and events.
Some of the content is tailored for more technical background while others are fun examples of 3D prints.
The content is organized by date and classified into specific menu headers.

Visit the blog: Leapfrog 3D Printers


32/ Trimech


TrimechThe portfolio of the company helps engineers with 3D and rapid prototyping.
Much of the content focuses on Solidworks while others focus on the technical processes.
All of the blogs include a video that visualizes exactly what is being discussed.

Visit the blog: Trimech


33/ Ultimaker


UltimakerContent is published under manuals, tips, troubleshooting, or education.
Each resource links to many different articles.
These are sorted by categories with a list of the top 10 most relevant or popular solutions listed on the bottom.
Ultimaker is a producer of 3d printers.

Visit the blog: Ultimaker


34/ Joe's 3D Workbench


joe's 3D workbenchRun by an award-winning designer who writes reviews of various 3D printer technologies and comparisons of various products related to one category.
Each blog post also includes a comprehensive video related to all of the products and content covered in the blog.

Visit the blog: Joe's 3D Workbench


35/ Makers Muse


Markers MuseA blog designed for beginners, this provides a great architecture to learn the ins and outs of 3D printing.
In addition to a starter blog, there are videos, tutorials, and projects as well as print templates.
There is a comprehensive starting guide with a helpful glossary and overview of major features of 3D printing.

Visit the blog: Makers Muse


36/ NATHO42


Nath 042This blog is all about 3D printing, gaming, and tech.
Each blog has a video as well as multiple options to share on social media from Twitter to There are hashtags in each title.
Most of the videos are about reviews of various 3D printing projects.Visit the blog: Nath042


37/ 3D Printing


adafruitEach blog post covers a really cool 3D print project, often one that has animation or lights.
Each one has a video as well as links to all of the perquisite knowledge necessary to create those projects.
At the bottom of each project, there is a shopping cart where you can add all of the materials necessary for that project.

Visit the blog: 3D Printing


38/ Edditive Blog


EdditiveEach blog post has a video and a how-to to make various 3-D prints.
Some of these are much more challenging to make than others.
There are also written up reports of professional development opportunities so that someone else is able to gain from the owner's experience.
The author is a postdoctoral researcher who has won national awards for his 3-D printing creations.

Visit the blog: Edditive


39/ Morphedo


MorphedoOrganized by visual identifiers and chronologically, this blog features posts focused on the benefits of 3D printing and how to best design for 3D printing.
There are featured posts, archives, and categories to search by.
Sometimes, the posts will give ideas as to individual 3D printing projects while others give an overview.
You can share relevant posts on a range of social media.

Visit the blog: Morphedo


40/ Daniel Noree


Daniel NoreeWith links to each project that the owner of the content has made, this site contains rich visual images in the form of appealing graphics and videos.
Many of the posts carry on existing posts and they are not organized in any chronological manner.

Visit the blog: Daniel Noree


41/ 3D Maker Noob


3D Marker NoobA curated collection of Youtube videos created by a self-proclaimed 3D printing Noob.
Videos are posted on a regular basis and there are 164 total videos on the Youtube channel.
He has over two million followers. The videos load directly in the blog page.
Occasionally, the videos will spotlight a helpful project.

Visit the blog: Maker Noob


42/ Anton Mansson


Anton ManssonWith a scrolling menu bar on the top with the latest posts, you can see with an image and big title what the posts are about.
The posts range from how-to creates to products and various experiments to try and improve 3D printing. The posts can be sorted by date, title, views, likes, and comments. Posts can easily be shared on social media with the click of a button.

Visit the blog: Anton Mansson


43/ 3D Universe


3D UniverseA self-proclaimed evangelist for 3D printing, the author creates a ton of content around 3D printing and the programming needed to create excellent 3D printing products.
There is content produced in 3D printing, education, post-processing, modeling, informational, and more advanced topics like prosthetic limbs.
The content is organized by date and has excellent design features that improve readability.

Visit the blog: 3D Univers



That should leave you plenty to read and help you stay on top of all the 3D Printing knowledge you need. 


Question: What 3D Printing blog did we miss? Any others you think should be added? Let us know!